Why Do People Suffer From Procrastination?

I have met a lot of people who were not happy with their work life. I often wonder what is it that separates successful people from those who are struggling at their jobs. After all, both of them get the same 24 hours every day! So what essentially is the factor which ends up being such a game changer?

While there are several different things which can be attributed, one of the main factors which caught my attention has to be procrastination. If you’re not aware of what procrastination truly means, it is actually the habit of deferring things simply because you don’t have the zeal to continue and finish all that you have started. People who suffer from procrastination tend to shuffle from one job to another, and they will continue to do so and shall, therefore, have a string of started projects to their name but rarely any accomplishments.

So, I decided that I wanted to find out what are the main reasons which actually lead to procrastination. I personally believe that until and unless you are aware of the key reasons and causes, there is no way you can offer a remedy to the problem. So let me share the different things which I believe lead to procrastination.

The fear factor

A lot of us often spend a great part of our life being afraid of different things. You need to understand that fear simply cripples the soul and doesn’t offer anything constructive. So why be scared of something which hasn’t even happened yet? Do not let the fear of failure prevent you from actually giving an effort.

Lack of planning skills

It is best advised to develop the right kind of planning skills if you want to be proficient at the work you do. You should make it a point to break down your tasks into Gant charts or graphs to visualize the work you are expected to do.


Old habits die hard and some of us simply have this habit of postponing thing time and again. You need to understand that this is the kind of habit which you have to break at the earliest.

I would recommend you to take a look at this video which teaches you how to beat procrastination. I am sure you will be able to grasp some of the best ideas which when implemented could trigger the change which is needed for optimum work performance efficiency.