What’s Your Greatest Weakness? Worst and Excellent answers

The interview goes nicely. Then comes the dreaded query: “what is your weakness?” We understand that answering this query may be a mission. Getting it proper has significantly stepped forward your probabilities of having a job or the position.


The Hiring Manager speak this query to see how well aware of yourself, says John Smith, CEO of Magna. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses permits you to build on them and identify regions that you may enhance.


Understanding your strengths and weaknesses allows you to build on them and discover regions that you could enhance.

There’s no best answer. It is about the way to cope with your self.


If you are searching out recognition, pick out something that has already taken steps to enhance it, but it is not an essential task for the job position. As an instance, you can’t say you are not able to code a programming task, or which you do not like your computer for an office job or position.


I would like to recommend this YouTube video about sample answer for what are your weaknesses, check this out guys.


Let’s continue.


You can’t point out something in basic standards such as your weak point.


Most Excellent Answers:


  • “I do not authorize sufficiently.”
  • “I’m afraid to talk to the public or public speaking.”
  • “I’m very self-vital.”

All 3 display self-cognizance, says Smith. Those answers are higher if you can explain what you have carried out to conquer your weaknesses.


these answers may be:


  1. I am employed with a life taught to resolve the problem of self-complaint. He has given me those validated techniques.
  2. I joined the Toastmasters and discovered to like speaking to the crowd.
  3. I participated in a leadership route due to the fact I would love to address this weak point.


It’s far critical to expose that you have emotional intelligence and work on your weaknesses.


Be careful with the job position, says McFarland, director of finance and accounting at Stanley Corporation. “I can’t represent sufficient” It can’t be a good choice if its feature relies upon at the mandate. If your handiest visit this area and show which you are willing to analyse, it can be a great alternative.


As an instance, if you apprehend which you have an autocratic style, you can follow and give an explanation for which you are aware of this and found out to adapt your fashion to the group, says McFarland.


Additionally, consider a way to pronounce your weak point. “I can’t cope properly with people” seems better than the following: “So often, I can’t supply the crew with sufficient support.”


The worst solutions try to use strengths as a weak spot. Within the line of cases, this seems misleading or involuntary; inside the worst case, the interviewer will think your mendacity.


  • The worst answers:


“I’m the appropriate hymn.”

“I don’t have any weaknesses.”

“I am workaholic.”


It’s a likeable try. Employers want a person who can inform the reality or arise after they make a mistake. At the opposite, he’s a tough worker who thinks she or he is ideal and each person else is inaccurate.