The Various Kinds Of Bullies In The Workplace

Have you met any workplace bullies? Bullying in the workplace is more prevalent than you think. In our article for today, we will discuss the different characters. We will talk about the different types of bullies that you can possibly meet in the workplace.


Aggressive bullies are intimidating, loud, and definitely far from subtle. These are the ones who would always go into an argument with you and make it worse. They do not have a problem causing a scene in the office. In other words, it’s like they’re always looking for a fight. These bullies typically think that acting in a brash and forceful manner makes them look powerful and influential. Aggressive bullies are not considerate and they do not care if they cause a commotion.


Two-faced bullies are deceiving. They will trick you into thinking that they are nice. But they are only nice if you can do something for them. They think it’s either you’re with them or you’re against them. If they don’t like you or if they disagree with you, they will try and ruin your reputation in the office. When you’re around, they will pretend that everything is fine. They’re good at acting civil. But when you’re not around, they will talk about you. They will even make up stories. They will make fun of you. If they really want to destroy you, they will spread demeaning rumors to other people in the office.


Condescending bullies is another types of workplace bullying and think that they are better than everyone else, but they are not as intimidating as aggressive bullies. They are typically a more subtle kind. They use their experience to get their way. While they really do contribute a lot to the company, they abuse that influence. They try to prevent other people from getting opportunities just so they will always stay on top. Condescending bullies are experts at their jobs, and they don’t want anyone else to be better than them.


Aggravating bullies will try and provoke you with their destructive comments. They will always question the quality of your work. They might even doubt your capabilities. Even if you did a good job, they will always come up with something bad to say. This is because they want to discourage you and stop your growth. These bullies may try to pretend that they are being objective. But in reality, they are just using these criticisms to attack you on a personal level.


Cautious bullies are the ones who try to justify their actions by saying that they’re just doing their jobs. For example, your boss dislikes you so he or she makes you work overtime every single day. But then, he or she downplays the abusive behavior by saying that it’s all part of the job. These bullies use their position in the company to try and justify their manipulative actions.