Landing That Interview Call

 Worried about your career? The million dollar question here is that what are you doing about your career? If you are simply sitting at home, twiddling your thumb and merely worrying about what would happen to your career; you are surely headed on the wrong track. Rather than letting stress get the better of you, it is important to look for ways by which you can get interview calls.

It is okay to appear for interviews and not clear them, but if you are not even getting interview calls, you have every reason to be worried. It is really important to understand that until and unless you don’t even get interview calls, there is no hope of you getting a job. Also, going for interviews gives you the much-needed experience and broadens your horizon of knowledge too. However, if your application gets rejected prior to an interview call, you won’t learn anything. Find more info here.

So, here we are going to talk about one such method which is likely to work to your advantage.

The letter of interest

The letter of interest is by far the most powerful choice you have. When you choose to send the letter of interest, it might help you get an interview call and let’s see the dynamics to know how it can so happen.

Who should you address them to?

The very first question which may pop in your mind is who this letter should be addressed to. Some people make the mistake of sending the letter of interest to the CEOs, the founding fathers and even the CFOs of the organization.

You need to understand that most of the times these high position owners are not even aware of the vacancies which are present in the firm. They have little or nothing to do with the hiring process and do not really know much of their employees except for the ones they interact with.

Also, they have so many other tasks lined up that it is highly likely that the letter will end up either being trashed or unread. So, this brings us back to the question – who to send the letter to? The answer is mostly the hiring managers.

The hiring managers have a clear picture of the actual vacancies in the organization. Even when the selection panel doesn’t know about the vacancies, the hiring managers may have an inside report. It takes some time for a job vacancy to be advertised because most companies look for the possibility of an internal filling of the vacancy.

So, if you can address the letter to the hiring manager, it will help you immensely. But, then again how to get the details? If you do not really know the hiring manager, getting his email and/or other information might be a little hard. In such cases, you can check out their posts on LinkedIn or follow his/her blog if any. You will be able to get some insight and help in that regards.

However, please ensure that you try and add some details of how you got the contact information in the email and thereby make it credible.

With a rightly written letter, you will be able to improve your chances. Always keep the letter short and precise and ideally you should have your CV attached with it. The more credible your letter sounds; the better will be the selection chances.

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