Getting Yourself Hired

Have you ever tried asking yourself how fit you are for the jobs you apply to? Well, as a matter of fact, it is highly likely that your interviewer will be asking you this question. The main reason behind asking this question is that the interviewer wants to know how you rate yourself as someone being adept for the job.

Until and unless you feel that you are suited for the role and you can cite some of the key reasons which make your application better than the others, how do you expect your hiring manager to go ahead and choose you for the job? One of the key things which you need to remember while answering this question is that you should not compare yourself with other applicants. Focus on your own skills and talent and what sets you apart. You should try and showcase your suitability for the job and convince your interviewer that by hiring you, the firm is bound to benefit. You can also check this helpful link for more insight.

Ideally, the best applicants are the ones which the interviewers do not want to lose because they can already see the kind of benefits which their inclusion can bring to the company.

The desired skills

When you are answering this question, you definitely need to list the right skill which will showcase the suitability for the jobs. Let us see what they are.

Team player

Gone are the days when you could highlight your individual skills and be hopeful that it will get you a job. In today’s competitive world, with so many companies vying for similar products, it is important to be a team player.

Your company as a whole needs to perform brilliantly to stay ahead in the rat race and this is why rather than individual performances, it is the team turnouts which turn out to be crucial.


You really need to have the right kind of commitment for the job. We are not asking you to concoct false stories of how you worked on every Sunday but then again, it is important to be committed to the job you do. Until and unless you are willing to give your work the right priority and convince your interviewer that you are not going to party every Friday night and forget all about your projects, the chances of selection would be minimal.

The long-term prospects

Finally, this is definitely one of the most important skills which you absolutely must have when you are looking to be a part of the company. You must convince your interviewer that you are in it for the long haul. If you intend to leave the firm in the short run, it won’t serve the right need. No company wants to hire someone who will leave the job as soon as they get another offer.

So, you should show your willingness to stick to the job and to become a long-term candidate who aspires to grow along with the organization as well.

These are the key skills which you should try and show. When you manage to do this, your hiring manager is likely to be impressed and they too may feel the need that the organization needs you. You can keep an eye out on The Career Mastery as it has some of the best and the most important tips which can help you answer this question impeccably.

There is so much that you need to know and learn and the amount of preparations which you can put in is whopping. So, give in your best and hope to get selected.